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Getting proper color on Lenovo Y50-70 Screenovo

Lenovo Y50-70 is a great laptop, but has a really crappy screen. If you go around the internet and you would find posts full of negative comments about this screen. Other than the screen it is a really nice machine for the price. Quad core - octa thread Core i7 processor with 16 GB RAM, added an SSD to it. Everything but the display ( Full HD ) is nice. It produces really bad color. 

One of my colleagues had bought a Spyder5 and I borrowed it from him. It is a color meter. At the end of the day it produces a color profile ( a .icm file ) which you can apply to the monitor and will will make the colors appear more accurate.

The display panel is so bad that after calibration the white point becomes slightly reddish but overall colors improve dramatically. This is the actual display panel used by Lenovo from Innolux N156HGE-EAB.

Please find the link below to the color profile of Lenovo Y50-70. 

Download from here .




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