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February 2009

Preparing to move to BlogEngine.NET from Typepad

I have been blogging for over a year now and have been using as my hosting provider. Typepad is a wonderful host but it does not accept payments via paypal and accepts only credit/debit card which I do not want to use at the moment. Also it is written in perl/cgi probably. The MovableTypes framework is a awesome but it requires perl/cgi. Since I work on the .NET platform mostly I wanted to add some functionality to the blog which I cannot do with typepad or MT. So I have selected BlogEngine.NET as the blogging framework and preparing to move there.

The site will look the same as I will use the same design as it is now. I am also writing a converter that exports from typepad export format to BlogML which the BlogEngine accepts. Typepad has been a superb blog host until recently. The ticket that I opened a few days ago is still unresolved without a reply. Sad!