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October 07, 2008


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Dave Gilbert

A couple of innaccuracies I spotted:

(1) The Apache Licence doesn't require distribution in source form - it allows redistribution "in Source or Object form";

(2) Describing the GPL as a "highly restrictive license" is wrong - line it up next to ANY proprietary software licence and you'll understand exactly how PERMISSIVE it is. I'll grant you that it is more restrictive than most other *open source* licenses, but that doesn't make it a "highly restrictive license" outright.

A useful discussion of open source licences, which focuses on the different properties of the licences without making value judgements about them:



You calling a GPL highly restrictive and infamous? Dude, come out out MS closet. You sound like an evil MS propaganda guy to me. Shame!


I got so pissed that I made typos on my previous comment. Here goes the corrected version:

You're calling GPL highly restrictive and infamous? Dude, come out of the MS closet. You sound like an evil MS propaganda guy to me. Shame!


But hey, what else can I expect from a MS guy? Huh!


The grammar in the chart is awful and incorrect use of capitalization:
"Must show License when Run", "warrenty", "gurantee", "ocuntry"

Sudipto Sarkar

Cool post...
Here's my post about open source licenses

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