Google Chrome: I liked it at first but … its memory usage is ABSURD!.
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Make Google Chrome Take Less Memory

Earlier I wrote how chrome is taking huge amount of memory because it is running one process for each tab ( It seems that Chrome supports other process models as well. Here are the process models for Chrome browser

1. Process Per Tab (default model)

2. Process Per Site: One process per website. For example a user with two tabs opened at Gmail and another opened at facebook will have the two google tabs running in the same process. (default model)

3. Single Process ( walla! this is what I was looking for)

All this was cleared by blogger Marc Chung at his post Chrome's Process Model Explained. Right now I am running Chrome in a single process.

At the chrome shortcut pass the appropriate command like option to control Chrome’s behavior.


Here is how you edit the shortcut to run with different process model. Open up the properties tab of the Chrome browser short cut and edit it like the image below


So here I have 3 shortcuts to Chrome in my desktop. See the picture below


So now I can run chrome anyway I want. Chrome has become my second browser of choice after Opera. Chrome will occupy less memory now.



I just want to ask you when you using --single-process are the browser slow do you feel the difference ?
Because I LOVE the browser because when I start more than 20 tabs everything is still like with one tab. :)


Pretty nice... but what for? I thought the "one tab one proces" feature is the most advertised one and this is what makes chrome different then other browsers.

Shafqat Ahmed

To JOke: Multiple process browsing is a little faster than the single process. However it becomes painfull when I open 50+ tabs and is slow.

To KBareja: You are right that it is a very well advertized feature. I have only 2 Gigs of RAM and I run several databases, visual studio for development. I use 1.5 Gigs of RAM atleast at any normal time. I use Opera regularly and have no problems with 100+ open tabs. I like the idea of process per site but not the process per tab. Also I want to have single process borwsing when I want it. So I have 3 options and I execute which ever I like, and certainly I dont use the process per tab option.


I tried that, and now Chrome crashes every 5 sec...

Shafqat Ahmed

Sorry to hear that Orkaz. I am sure that Chrome will become stable very soon.

Lutfar Rahman Nirjhar

Great post. Very effective one! Please keep this kind of posting. It is helpful! Very helpful.


Nice post, but i am curios to know, why should i use single process per all tab, when i have 20 tabs and suddenly one of them crashes the whole brwoser. I think we never need this feature. Unless, i watch my task manager to pin point memory issues with different mode.

Shafqat Ahmed

I would like to point out that it is a matter of personal choice. Most people would be happy with the new process per site feature. Some would be happy with process per tab feature. Some, like me would be happy with single process. The objective of the post was to let the readers know that they have the option to change tab/site/process model.

As for why I prefer the single process model is as follows (still it is a matter of personal choice) : I rarely get crashes from any site. I use Opera as primary browser and Chrome has become the secondary browser. If a site crashes my browser in a single process mode, I ban that site and never visit that site ever again. So I am least worried about any site crashing my browser. Rather I am more worried about amount of memory used with the newer process model fro google chrome. Thanks.

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