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August 17, 2008


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Nice introduction to JQuery. I am also started learning JQuery now and I have designed a horizontal layout web page @ http://www.veerasundar.com/sbox/hnav/ completely using JQuery and css. Hope this will also helpful.


Sweet, little tutorial on jQuery! Viewers will instantly see some magic of jQuery :)

My view about JS libraries was similar to yours and jQuery was the first library to turn me around - around a year back. From the beginning, I've come across a number of alternatives (dojo, YUI, extJS, etc) but still jQuery is my fav.

I have collected a few useful jQuery plugins in my blog, among the vast sea. The last one is here:


Shafqat Ahmed

Thanks Emran. Theose were a nice set of JQuery posts at you site, keep it up. JQuery is revolution in client side scripting world.


Hi Shafqat,

Thanks for the terse but illustrative jQuery story. I used it to kick-start my jQuery expertise. I will now be moving to the next tier.




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