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July 05, 2008


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Fantastic post.

Always searching for the ideal GTD app, it's a surprise that a tool of this type is in Codeproject site.

It looks very powerful, well supported and free :).

Anyway, don't you like Codeproject?. Are there better options?

Greetings from Spain

Shafqat Ahmed

Greetings. CodeProject used to have quality articles before, for last one year I did not get that many good articles there. I now rely on Dotnetkicks.com to find good .NET articles and DZone.com to fine other general development related stuff.

Kevin Crenshaw - Productivity Coach

Thanks for the tips on setting up ToDoList for GTD. You helped us correct a mistake in our GTD Software Comparison Table (link below), and we've linked to your post in our software discussion area.


Kevin Crenshaw
Priacta, Inc.


Here's a great web based task management app - http://www.statuswiz.com

Edwin Yip (Developer of Mind Mapping Software MindVisualizer)

Wow! It's a nice program. Both it and your post here inspired me on how to improve MindVisualizer :)


I've been using Tracks(http://www.rousette.org.uk/projects/). It is a ROR app that is very slick. You can get a nice easy installer for it at http://bitnami.org/.

Lutfar Rahman Nirjhar

Great article. :)


Thanks, very nice list.

I am using http://www.taskwriter.com for a few weeks, am I pretty happy with it. It's very simple to use, although quite basic at this moment.


I've been using TDL for about 2 years. I've read about GTD as well and have thought about implementing it. Your guide is a great start to it!

What do you think of the new TDL, version 5.6? I don't like the changes made to filtering and sorting. It has severely cramped how I use TDL. I haven't really opened any of my tasklists since it auto-updated to 5.6... and now I can't find a copy of 5.5.X to revert to.

Like to know your thoughts on 5.6 ... thanks!

Shafqat Ahmed

Thanks for your comments. Yes Mike, I did not upgrade to 5.6 too. I like 5.5.7 better and I am using that. I have a copy of 5.5.7 that I have uploded somewhere. I have emailed you the link to that.


Thanks for your contribution, I've added a link to the wiki: http://abstractspoon.pbwiki.com/Best-Practices%2C-Hints%2C-Success-Stories.


Shafqat Ahmed

Thanks a lot for the wonderful software and support.


If you like tweaking programs to make them GTD compatible you should definitely check out lis.to (http://lis.to/). It is free, open-source, multiplatform and will sync with the iPhone (don't know if this is needed for you as a .net guy :-))
Let me know what you think! Cheers, Tom

Geordie Keitt

Thanks for this post. I was looking high and low for exactly this tool, and it is great. Like you I don't like the filtering in a flat list view, but I don't have access to the earlier version, and I'd like to try it out. Can you send me a link to the 5.5 build? Much appreciated.


Thanks very much. That's exactly what I was looking for. I've just used ThinkingRock for 2 weeks whith exactly the same feelings... Todolist seems to be almost perfect : same feelings again, I don't like the filtering flat view. I've tried to find the graal : the 5.5.7 version whithout success. Somebody could help me?
Maybe the way of sorting will be an option in a future version...


Are you sure that ruby is functional language?


Thanks for the article, very informative. You may be interested to know that you can also delete categories (and the like) by pressing Ctrl-Del while the mouse pointer is over the category in the drop-down list - much easier than editing the file, even for keyboard addicts!


Shafqat- thanks for this blog. We have the same story, I also discovered GTD. Outlook Track-It is a great program too...small plugin for outlook that flags emails for a followup reminder. It's been nice.


"In case you have mistakenly added a category and want to remove it. Just open the file and find the xml tag marked CATEGORY and edit it using notepad" - in fact there's no need to do this, you can simply select category in the dropdown list and press ctrl-delete. (Should the deleted entry be assigned to any task then it will re-appear of course).

5.7.2 is an excellent little tool.


Bacarli - Outlook Track-It is the best for GTD, I agree. A lot of other programs are huge, but this is a small followup toolbar addon. I hope more things come out like Track-It. http://www.outlooktrack.com is where you can get it, if you want it.


Another application very similar to "ToDoList" is TaskCoach (http://www.taskcoach.org). You do not have many capabilities of import / export, but on the other hand, is a multiplatform (Windows, Mac OS X, linux)


If I insert Estimated time and the Start and Due dates for multiple tasks that may overlap, is there anything to warn me when I have committed to multiple tasks that the estimated hours have exceeded a limit of hours in a day, week, month?

Ruby on Rails

I really like interactive comment here..it's so life blog


Thanks for this helpful blog!


Thanks for your article. I'm on the TDL learning curve now...

How do I select an entry from a drop-down list without using the mouse? ALT+DownArrow opens the list, but I could not figure out how so select one of the entries. TIA.

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