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SQLMetal woes: No sqlmetal.exe with VS 2008 Team Edition

Even despite all the performance issues I wanted to use LINQ queries for one of my pet projects. One of the design goals was to use Sql Server Compact edition 3.5 so that I get to use a file as a database and also that I can port the data access and code logic to compact framework so that it can be used with Windows Mobile devices. Using compact edition of sql server 2005 is kinda like using a comptible microsoft made firebird sql database. A few days ago I reinstalled my OS and wanted to try the Visual Studio 2008 team edition trial and that is when all the trouble started.

First, the linq to sql class generator SqlMetal.exe was nowhere to be found. It seemed that the Visual Studio 2008 Team Edition trial did not come with the SqlMetal.exe. Infact the folder 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\bin\' where the executable resides with other executables is empty. But I have changes to my database schema and did not want to hand write the changes.

Then I tried generation by dragging the sql server compact dbatabase tables onto the linq to sql (dbml) designer, but got the message that "The selected object(s) use an unsupported data provider". This is annoying. Tomorrow I will try to download the Visual C# 2008 Express edition and install that to get a copy of SqlMetal.exe. I wish Microsoft were more careful with what content they have in their DVDs.


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