Basic WPF: Stylize standard tabs into Aqua Gel
Memory control : Use GCHandle to pin down the objects

Selected posts on CLR, threading, Internationalization and WPF

I have been professionally working in the software industry for over 9 years but I am relatively new to the blogging community. I have only started to blog around 5 months ago. I have selected some of my previous posts which I liked. Please find the links below

CLR Fun Stuff: How is my C# code converted into machine instructions?
This post decribes the process of MSIL being converted to binary instruction bt the JIT compiler.

WeakReference: GC knows the Best
A basic look at the Weak Reference class which helps to re-aquire data left for garbage collection.

Multi-core CPU Caching: What is volatile?
What is the impact of the volatile keyword in the world of multi-cored CPUs

Dll heaven: Executing multiple versions of the same assembly
How can you execute code from different versions of an assembly in a single process.

Spider's Web: Spawning threads in .NET, The Basics
A basic look at threading. It was going to be 1st part of a 5 part series, but it was discontinued as there was a good free e-book available on .NET threading.

Basic WPF: Stylize standard tabs into Aqua Gel
How can you change the look of the standard controls with styles in WPF

Fun with Generics: Using constraints to limit Generics applicability using the 'where' keyword
A less used but powerful architecture tool, type limiting in generics

Internationalization: Creating a custom culture
How can you add support for your language/culture if .NET does not have built in support for the language like my language ' Bangla'

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