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April 18, 2008


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Lutfar Rahman Nirjhar

Great Article Shafqat! I really enjoyed the drawing and format of the article. Its very smooth and polite. Keep the good works going :)

Moim Hossain

Nice one indeed. Informative and useful for the WPF people..
BTW, the glyph's and images are quite handsome...how did you do this..? by means of office 2007 apps or visio?

Shafqat Ahmed

Thanks, Moim. I used an alternative software. By the way ... it is very easy to make such a diagram designer software in WPF.

Luiz Arruda

Very good and interesting article. Any peace of XAML/WPF sample with explanation like this one, is worth the reading, when it comes to increase our knowledge in this magnificent technology from Microsoft.



Thank you for this article. In one post you have moved me from a state of confusion and frustration to a better understanding of not just the tab control, but all WPF controls. The diagrams pointing to the xaml code and the element on the control helped me put my finger on what I was trying to change. Microsoft could only dream that their documentation is this helpful. Thanks again!

Rich Altamura

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Hi,Problem in TabStripPlacement="Left"
Im trying to use like yours.
But i want to use TabStripPlacement="Left"
When i use that,what happened is all TabHeaders gone to top,tabitems are below...like
But i want is
Header1 Tabitems
How to do that


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