Fun with Generics: Using constraints to limit Generics applicability using the 'where' keyword
Controlling Windows Firewall using C# via COM Interop

Web 2.0 Bubble

Got this video from someone ... the perfect description of web 2.0 phenomena. I love this ... this guy has taken words out of my mouth and put in his video.

Independent Thought

The certificate of 925-201b hold questions about principles of network security and fortigate configurations. On the other hand, 70-624 certifications belong to deploying and maintaining vista client and office system 2007. E22-128 training question belongs to EMC technology fundamentals and is a very essential course. Whereas, E20-570 also belongs to the EMC technology but hold more advance questions. HH0-110 certification belongs to the Hitachi data storage foundation and person need 65% marks in order to pass the exam. EC0-350 holds all the questions related to ECCOUNCIL Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures.


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