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December 22, 2007


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Julio César

Nice article!: concrete, practical and useful. Just what I was looking for...

Thanks a lot.

Moim Hossain

Good post. Basically, I have seen that we know these stuffs about generics but for some reason (!) we don't use practice them.
This blog post certainly give me a reminder next time while I will write code and there is a scope applying these beauty of generics.


Well developed post.
Even if I use Generics from their early introduction, i really enjoyed reading this post :)


Cool man. gr8. Thanks


How do we constrain a generic to a nullable type

private static bool ProcessNullableValue(object target) where T : Nullable



Thanks for this article. I found it very useful. As a beginner to generics, I found it a bit advanced. But yes, I did go through other articles before I went through this.


The above can be used if you are a begineer like me. Once you read the above, this article would be cake walk. Ofcourse this article would give a completeness to the understanding of generics.


I'm inclined to agree with you.


Although I think it's great work, my only criticism is at the syntactical (and somewhat superficial) level.

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