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New Opera 9.5 beta release on 25th

Opera_logo3 Opera 9.5 Alpha has been released and it had quite a lot of issues but it has faster JavaScript engine and a whole lot better history search. I have been using opera since version 3.00 and absolutely love this product. I still consider it to be the best browser in the world. Well ... I am a Opera Maniac.

Opera 9.5, codename Krestel will go beta on 25th October, with a large boom in San Francisco. More details can be found here. You can also follow the development progress in the Opera Desktop Blog.

One of the cool things that Opera supports now, is a tag called Canvas which is a part of HTML5 specification. Unfortunately all the idiots who still use Internet Explorer won't have this. Canvas is basically like a Java canvas element where one can draw shapes using JavaScript. How you can use Canvas in Opera can be found at this article in the Opera developer site. All the Major browers (Firefox, Safari, Opera) except Internet Explorer supports canvas. A tutorial for <canvas> tag usage can be found at Mozilla tutorial. I still can't believe Microsoft is doing such a sloppy work with the IE browser, its a bad strategy. FF has kicked IE's butt big time, still the giant is sleeping.

One cool implementation with Canvas and Javascript can be found at this site but it requires the use of Opera 9.5 beta or Firefox or Flock since Opera 9.xx version before 9.5 cannot render it properly. But its nice to see a painting application using pure html.


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