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Interesting attributes in CompilerServices namespace

The namespace System.CompilerServices has a few useful classes that can be used by a developer even though he is not working on compilers.

SuppressIldasm Attribute

One interesting element could be to stop disassembling your code by using this attribute. This does not obfuscate your code code rather tells the ILDASM to not show your code when IL is being decompiled. This can be applied on an Assembly.


Just add this line to your code.

[assembly: System.Runtime.CompilerServices.SuppressIldasm()]

StringFreezing Attribute

If you apply this attribute to the assembly then all the strings used within the assembly is frozen when native generation is used. This is useful of a performance hungry application that uses a lot of strings. Warning, be sure to apply this to the assemblies that do not require unloading as the assembly with this attribute cannot be unloaded.


Just add this line to your code.

[assembly: System.Runtime.CompilerServices.StringFreezing()]

Just add this line to your code.


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