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10 Software that I can't live without

1. Total Commander (Best file manager ever): I cant believe anyone can live without Total Commander ( previously known as Windows Commander) which I have been using for over 10 years. I have forgotten how to use windows explorer which is 10 times slower in any kind of operation. This one file manager software lets me do everything. And by everything I mean "Everything". For example it lets me do the following

    1. File Management Tasks: File and Folder create copy, delete and all other regular stuff
    2. Compress to any form of archive, be it zip, rar, ace, 7z ... name anything.
    3. Compare files and folders and edit them
    4. Burn my CDs
    5. Install uninstall any softares
    6. ftp client ( has email, rss, nntp clients but I dont use them)
    7. Start, stop, install uninstall windows services
    8. Encrypt, split files
    9. Manage processes, Edit registry
    .... there are more but I don't have the time to write it down.   

2. Opera (Best web browser): Using opera from version 3 and still hooked. Nothing comes close to it. I have recently started to use Flock instead of Firefox for the sites that run better in FF.

3. Thunderbird (Mail): Used to be a total fan of Opera mailing client M2, but recently moved to thunderbird for all the plugins. Outlook sucks big time!

4. Skype (IM): Most of  my official contacts are in skype

5. Facebook ( Found all my friends from grad school in Facebook. Visit daily. I am in love with this site

6. STablauncher : A windows based tabbed launcher, most of the programs that I use daily are located in this software

7. Google : No need to say why.

8. .NET Reflector: .NET Code reflection and decompilation tool.

9. Code Project : Its the best programming site.

10. Started to hack my life.


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