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I was born in  Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh. Although I am living in Kuala Lumpur right now, I cannot seem to forget Dhaka. Anyone who has grown up in Dhaka will find this blog at blogspot to provide a very nostalgic feeling. is a site where a retired Civil Engineer Mr. Ershad Ahmed has put in thousands of images from Dhaka. This is a wonderful blog where one can find pictures of his childhood School ( I did ),  the playground, the roads etc. The site has an very large repository of images. It also contains the history of Dhaka and many pictures historical elements in Dhaka from past and present. If you want to travel to Dhaka visit this blog and go through it, you will know Dhaka. This blog is a treasure cove for the Dhaka dweller.


ershad ahmed

Thanks for visiting my blog and kind comments. I have a picture of the old towering water tank north east of Bahadur Shah park (Victoria park), thanks you have given link of another. I wish to post when more others are located with background.

Shams Khan

Cool blog Shafqat. Your blog ranks high in google search. Very articulate indeed.

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