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The facebook revolution

One could try to imagine what is behind all the facebook screaming around the world. Whats so great about it? Well ... the thing about this application is that ... its about people, its about you and me.

There are so many social networking sites ... facebook seems the like the perfect one. I found my all classmates from grad school in a matter of hour and days. I was connected in a matter of days, got to know what my friends are doing, who has how many kids, doing what, who traveled Europe this summer, got to see their traveling pics. It felt so ... good. But thats not all. They have "Privacy" implement the right way.

Facebook has a public API which exposes their user database and there are so many wonderful applications written around this API that facebook is like the best widget source. Personally I think Facebook has much better widgets than all these ajax based start pages around like Pageflakes, Netvibes, iGoogle. For example you can have a movie application in Facebook and see what your friends and family, co-workers are thinking about the movie you just rated.

Recently New you times had this article written on the Facebook Revolution. The article is titled OMG my mom joined facebook!!. A must read.

Thoughts Aside

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