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Bangla Forums and Blogs

Image:Flag of Bangladesh.svg  Although there are a huge number of people who's native tongue is Bangla (Bengali) in computing world it has been a late comer. This probably had to do something with the region not being financially viable for internationalization of popular softwares and Bangla always have had quite a quarrel with keyboard layouts, font and scripts. Anyway with Unicode being more popular it has become quite a standard and more and more Bangla sites have come into being. I am going to mention a few top ones that I like. is a mix between a forum and a blog and it is quite popular. Typing in Bangla is quite easy at this blogsite although Opera browser is not supported yet. is a online writers community where I was able to find some good articles and writings. But it has a closed door policy and from the site policy and the practice of the moderators it seems that the site is only for a people with a certain mental blend or Philosophy. Its seems in order to be open-minded the site owners have made it a place for people with similar mental structure rather than being open to all kinds of input.

চলো বাংলার গান গাই.

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Information Improvisation

If you were fully loaded with information in computer technology then test 50-694 would be easier for you. Another famous test preparation of CCNA-IT is included online on different site holding 640-802 certificates. Different other online websites provides preparation guidelines for certification of 3M0-701. Other than these certificates, SNIA S10-200 practical questions and answers are also provided by different sites. Juniper examination preparation and certification of JN0-201 is also provided online. Other than this certification, real IBM 000-859 holds 120 questions and their answers that really helps in your examination.

The facebook revolution

One could try to imagine what is behind all the facebook screaming around the world. Whats so great about it? Well ... the thing about this application is that ... its about people, its about you and me.

There are so many social networking sites ... facebook seems the like the perfect one. I found my all classmates from grad school in a matter of hour and days. I was connected in a matter of days, got to know what my friends are doing, who has how many kids, doing what, who traveled Europe this summer, got to see their traveling pics. It felt so ... good. But thats not all. They have "Privacy" implement the right way.

Facebook has a public API which exposes their user database and there are so many wonderful applications written around this API that facebook is like the best widget source. Personally I think Facebook has much better widgets than all these ajax based start pages around like Pageflakes, Netvibes, iGoogle. For example you can have a movie application in Facebook and see what your friends and family, co-workers are thinking about the movie you just rated.

Recently New you times had this article written on the Facebook Revolution. The article is titled OMG my mom joined facebook!!. A must read.

Thoughts Aside

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