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Image:Flag of Bangladesh.svg  Although there are a huge number of people who's native tongue is Bangla (Bengali) in computing world it has been a late comer. This probably had to do something with the region not being financially viable for internationalization of popular softwares and Bangla always have had quite a quarrel with keyboard layouts, font and scripts. Anyway with Unicode being more popular it has become quite a standard and more and more Bangla sites have come into being. I am going to mention a few top ones that I like. is a mix between a forum and a blog and it is quite popular. Typing in Bangla is quite easy at this blogsite although Opera browser is not supported yet. is a online writers community where I was able to find some good articles and writings. But it has a closed door policy and from the site policy and the practice of the moderators it seems that the site is only for a people with a certain mental blend or Philosophy. Its seems in order to be open-minded the site owners have made it a place for people with similar mental structure rather than being open to all kinds of input.

চলো বাংলার গান গাই.

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Just checked out your forum. Nice to see an ENTIRE Bengali Forum in this ENGLISH world :) Good. Keep it up. I will regularly visit your sites.


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