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September 2005

'My visit to Swaziland


I had a wonderful journey to Swaziland a few weeks ago. I loved the people of Swaziland, they were very friendly and warm. The American movies seem to give you very bad idea about black people. That may be true about American blacks but not true about African black people. They are very friendly and warm. Since Swaziland is a land of only 1 million people that also added to people being nice. Africa is a beautiful continent. Maybe Africa does not have the wonderful landscape like Asia or America, but has something different to offer. If you travel miles after miles in Africa may be you’d be able feel that the continent has a heart of itself. If you feel the beat of that heart then you would understand the wonderful bliss.

Perfect Weather

Anyway I had some misconceptions about how Africa is like, it must be terribly hot in there with Lions and Elephants with very little touch of civilization. No that certainly is not the case. Its quite cold in Swaziland and I heard 4 years ago there was snow. I loved the weather, its perfect. Most of the time you would feel chill in the air, which I really like. But it can start raining anytime, or get hot with bright sunlight. One may even experience cold, fog, rain and hot in the same day. One particular thing about Africans intrigued me, that they cannot stand cold. Although they are living here all their life they seem to be wearing sweaters and leather jackets to stay off the cold but I was walking around with a simple shirt, my friend wore a T-shirt only.

I have had a wonderful time in Africa. Maybe I will visit Africa again.