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In the name of Islam !!!

Written in reaction to the serial terrorist bomb blast in Bangladesh. Only 2 persons were injured.

I really fail to understand how can a Muslim can kill innocent civilians in the name if Islam! Islam is a religion of peace and how can someone who has read The Quran and knows the life of the Rasul (Peace be upon him) can do such horrific things.

If someone want to carry out Jihad they would have to have the correct ground for that and that must be conducted in a correct way. Killing innocent people randomly is such a horrific act and Islam does not support this by any way. I cant think of the punishment in afterlife for the people who carries out these aimless violence.

It is true that Muslims are tortured, humiliated in various parts of the world by westerners. But that does not give anyone rights to carry out aimless attacks. Nothing does.

The strangest thing that I find is how some people read The Quran and even after that they fail to understand the value of life, a soul. There are places in the world where being a Muslim is a crime and one may die for that, but to take a life without reason is a serious sin. When a person kills a fellow human being for unjustified reasons ( self protection, punishment for murder etc are valid reasons) it is a sin of huge proportions.

It may be hard for a westerner to grab the idea why Islam is a religion of peace with all these media hype of terrorism. But I find it hard to believe that a Muslim who has read The Quran can kill innocent people unjustifiably. Because at first he must know what Islam is all about. There are places in The Quran where people are to carry out Jihad in the ways it should be carried out and not to be carried out by unjustified means. These are highly horrific means that people are executing.

May Allah help everyone to see the right path.

All praise is due to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds.

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